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Software is no exception; you need to partner with a trusted and reliable provider to deliver your software needs: system infrastructure, setup and support, web site, custom solutions, and training. And this is exactly what we offer you. freesoft's goal is to become your reliable software arm to whom you can delegate all your software needs; while you focus on what you do best and maintain your competitive edge.

freesoft has strategically chosen GNU/Linux as its technology and services focus. We seek combining the advantage of our long experience and high quality work with the freedom, reliability, and competitive price of Free Software (a.k.a. Open Source software). We believe that Open Source software is a sound global trend in software technologies that has a bright future. See the GNU/Linux page for more information.

free as in freedom

To Become a Leading Software-Solutions Provider

Today's business is too complex for an organization to do everything on its own. An organization needs to contract with one party to lease their office from, another to get furniture and equipment, a third to do marketing and so forth. Everyone of those parties takes the hassle away when performing the needed job; so the organization can focus on what it knows best: its very own business.


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