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Commitment and on-time delivery. We do not get rest until it's done. We put genuine efforts in getting deliverables on time, this is something that we have succeeded in very well so far.

Communication and documentation. Keep our client in the loop throughout the services cycles. Moreover, provide the client with detailed documentation of the service provided.

Services Detailed

With free software, you only pay for the service, while the products themselves come free of charge. As such, we do offer a wide range of free software products, both on server and client sides.

Consultation. Technical leadership, system architectures, research and development.

Software development. System customization, feature extension, localization/Arabization and complete system development.

System deployment and support. Supporting wide range of server-side and client-side software on GNU/Linux. See GNU/Linux on the server side and the client side.

Technical training. Training on GNU/Linux system administration and software development.

We look at our relation with our client as a partnership. Hence, we don't stop at giving you a solution. We, in addition, help you in realizing your needs, prioritizing them, and filling all the holes and shortcomings that might let you fall short of achieving your business goals.

As we took on the challenge of only delivering the best, we offer satisfaction guarantee on our service offerings.

All that makes freesoft's value-proposition a very competitive one.

free as in freedom

Corporate-Level Services

freesoft provides consultation services such as deployment, development, customization, and specialized training on Open Source software.

Each consultation hour of our engineers is performed with the highest reward. At least two engineers get involved in any single engagement. This guarantees that the client will only get the best options and  services. Moreover, this will provide the necessary engineering resouces redundancy, giving our clients the comfort and convenience of relying on a corporate-level service and not individuals.

Our engineering services can be utilized on and off and on-demand. With the trust we build with our clients, they save themselves the effort of interviewing process, hiring staff, teaming people, training engineers, long-term financial commitment, and keeping their staff busy, as freesoft provides all that ready and out of the box.

Core Values

Deep technology experience. Our certified engineers cover all the different aspects of the Open Source technologies.

Execllence and quality in execution. Apply our experience, and execute, while focusing on delivering the best outcome that is of class quality. We care a lot about each single detail of our client's requirements, preventing issues from falling through the cracks.


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