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File Server. Manage and store your company-related information and data into the main server, offering various ways of accessing this information. Windows-based workstations can access the file server shares in the same manner as in regular windows shares.

Print Server. Publish the printer(s) connected to the main server on the network. Windows-based workstations can access the printers as if they were offered via a Windows server.

Quota Restriction. Apply quota limitation on the user's home directories.

Journaled file system with Access Control Lists support. Increased file system reliability and access configuration.

Directory Service. Manage your personnel, and computers in a seamless manner using the Directory service.

Plenty of solid software. freeSERVER comes with Apache web server, MySQL and Postgres database server, Perl, Python, PHP, C/C++, Java programming languages, and many other solid open source software packages.

System and service health monitor. Keep in touch with your systems (servers) and services. Monitor status and view statistics. Get alterted when a system or a service goes down or hangs up.

Configuration management Server Manage your work, documents, and sheets, using a secure Version Control Server.

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freeSERVER is a comprehensive server solution for your enterprise, acting as your Primary Domain Controller, File and Print server. Windows-based workstations would think they are dealing with a native windows domain controller.


Domain Controller. Linux and Windows Primary Domain Controller.

Domain Name Server (DNS). Define your own domain(s).

Web Management. Give the admin an integrated, fully-featured web management interface, minimizing any learning effort needed to manage the system.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server (DHCP). Allow the main server to lease IP's to your workstation automatically. Windows-based workstations are fully supported.

Backup Server. Backup your important data using a professional backup system.

Time Server. Synchronize your local network workstations time with the main server's, and optionally synchronize the main server's time with an accurate Internet-available clock.


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