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Port Forwarding. Administrator can forward certain incoming requests to internal workstations that provide specialized service, such as Web services.

URL filtering and Content Filtering. Deny Web content coming from certain URLs, having certain types, or containing certain keywords.

Caching Name Server DNS. Accelerate name resolution by caching Internet names.

Grant / deny Internet access per IP. Control Internet access per workstation.

Traffic Monitor. Monitor your traffic, discover where bulky download / upload is taking place.

Quality of Service (QoS). Prioritize Internet access per IP. Prioritize interactive protocols (chat, web surf). Heavy downloads can not slow your interactive Internet access any more!

Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Know about any attacking attempts against your main server.

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freeGATEWAY provides an all-in-one Internet gateway, offering security and protection, zero-client configuration, and Quality of Service, among other features. Windows-based workstations are fully supported as well.


Web Server.Use the most popular web server to publish your business on the Internet using the Apache web server. Apache is known for its reliability and high security.

Router. Transparent access to the Internet through the use of Network Address Translation (NAT) technology.

Http Proxy. Transparent http caching proxy. Requiring zero-configuration on the client side (Windows workstations also included)

Firewall. All incoming connections are refused by default. Pre-built protection against common attacks like Denial of Service (DoS), Ping of Death, and SYN floods.


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