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POP3 Access. POP3 protocol; a popular email access protocol.

SMTP Access. SMTP is used for sending and receiving emails. Sending emails through SMTP is only allowed for authorized users.

Authentication. Most known authentication mechanisms are supported: LOGIN, PLAIN, TLS/SSL, CRAM-5, DIGEST

Quota Restriction. Restrict users mail box size.

SPAM Control. Eliminate spam with the powerful tools that come with freeEXCHANGE.

Mail filtering. Advanced mail filtering capabilities.

Directory Server. Repository for enterprise users.

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freeEXCHANGE offers a standards-compliant and a feature-rich email solution, offering Web, IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 access using high-level security. freeEXCHANGE also relies on Directory service to maintain the user information, allowing a global addressbook and information management.


Web email. Web enabled email access.

IMAP Access. IMAP protocol, allows accessing the email while it is on the server.


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