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A scalable, standards-compliant email server solution.
A secure, and transparent Internet Gateway with Quality of Service.
A polished, Arabic enabled desktop version of GNU/Linux.

Package Offering

The packages are avaliable in the form of fixed-time fixed-price offering. Along with each package, freesoft delivers the following to its client:

Deployment of the package. Including any needed customization to fit the business and hardware requirements.

Four support incidents that can be utilized within the first month of the deployment.

Access to freesoft's mailing lists and bug-tracking system; giving the client the opportunity to resolve any potential issue even without using an incident.

Within a separate agreement, freesoft also offers additional support, software customization, and specialized training.

free as in freedom





freesoft offers comprehensive solutions and professional expertise in GNU/Linux and Open Source technologies.

We, at freesoft, have analysed, and studied the different software needs of small to medium enterprises, and we've prepared a set of packages that would cover the spectrum of needs.

The software components in each package have been carefully selected from the best and most succesful open source software available. Those software components are packaged, integrated, and thoroughly tested to guarantee the proper functioning and readiness.

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Following are the packages offered by freesoft.
A directory-based, domain, file, and print server that is compatible with both Windows and Linux workstations.


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