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GNU/Linux Why GNU/Linux

Portable. Linux runs on all known hardware, from IBM 390 mainframes to embedded systems. If you develop a solution on Linux is it very easy to port it to Linux running on top of a different hardware.

Performance. Linux is highly customizable and uses the system resources wisely. Because of that, it can run on older machines (that otherwise were rendered in-usable).

Interoperability. Linux inter-operates with all other operating systems, Unix (with NIS/NFS support), Machintosh, and Windows (with SMB support), making it the De-Facto OS for years to come.

Strategic option. Large companies, market analysts, politicians and governments are realizing the great potentials of the Free Software, as we are looking for a vendor-neutral, standards-based, country-neutral, free, and De-Facto platform.

Successful market adoption. GNU/Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the world. It made 27% of the world servers in the year 2000 according to IDC . GNU/Linux is making a great success in the Desktop and embedded systems as well. Success stories of small, medium, and large organizations adopting GNU/Linux are numerous. saved $17 millions on 2001 due to migrating to GNU/Linux based systems! Google, the world's number one search engine, is built entirely on Linux. Using 10,000 Linux boxes and forming one of the largest Linux farms ever!

free as in freedom


Why GNU/Linux

The Server Side

The Client Side

Facts and History

Freedom GNU/Linux platform has been collaboratively developed and tested by thousands of professionals across the globe. Its source code is made open; any one can use the software, copy it to others, modify the source code, and redistribute the modified code, totally royalty free!

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Free Software has no license fees: not per-seat, nor in bulk.

Feature-rich. Because it is free, and because it is need-driven, a large base of professionals contribute to GNU/Linux software making it feature-rich. Linux has a well-established server platform.

Reliable. GNU/Linux servers are well known for their reliability. Your GNU/Linux box will keep running for months and even years, you would rarely need to do restart.

Customizable. Being free-by-design, GNU/Linux can be customized to your very needs.

Wide support base. Developers and testers share their expertise offering fixes to problems in no time.


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