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GNU/Linux The Server Side

Instant Messaging

The instant messaging server is more suited towards larger organizations where instant messaging is used heavily internally. The Instant messaging services provide a gateway to Internet Relay Chat (IRC), public Instant Messaging ASP's like AOL, MSN, YAHOO, ICQ, and Jabber, and private / federated Instant Messaging.

Instant Messaging is becoming an important service in the enterprise. Current industry trend is moving away from ASP model and more towards self-hosted standard-based Instant Messaging, more like email, where each company hosts its own email services. As such, GNU/Linux is ready to take on that area.

File and backup server

Maintaining centralized repository for business information. The file server can act as the main repository or just a mirror of distributed repositories across the organization. Maintaining this central point allows for easy and efficient backup and archival of data.

Data sharing is compatible with all operating systems. One example is Windows shares.

Print and Fax server

A Print and Fax server that is compatible will all operating systems, with Jobs queues and permission-control.


Group-ware for calendaring, mailing lists, web-based discussion boards, white-board, application sharing, and audio and video conferencing.

Linux Terminal Services

GNU/Linux can act as a thin client, supporting GNU/Linux terminal server, X protocol for Unix terminal services, and R-desktop for Windows Terminal Services. Lightweight, old, and cheap hardware can be used to provide such end-user terminals, saving a decent percentage of the IT hardware costs.

Internet Cafe

Server side web-based software for controlling individual users access to the Internet, including, time frame, and bandwidth limitation, with accounting and reporting support. On the client-side, a special desktop application allows users to login and start using the Internet services, and shows them the remaining time. Both windows and Linux clients are supported.

Powerful system management

GNU/Linux offers a powerful, network-enabled and automated system management capabilities, supporting mass deployment and management.

free as in freedom


Why GNU/Linux

The Server Side

The Client Side

Facts and History

GNU/Linux provides a secure, reliable, full-featured server-side software.

Application servers

XML-RPC, SOAP, Cobra-based (language neutral), and Java-based (J2EE, JSP, Servlets)

Internet gateway

Router. Using Network Address Translation (NAT).

Proxy (with URL and content filtering, caching).



Supports Dialup, xDSL, ISDN.

Email server

Providing standards-based email services such as Mail Transport Agent (MTA) - SMTP - sendmail, and email access protocols such as POP3 and IMAP. Moreover, if the email is hosted remotely, fetchmail can be used to download and distribute to local email boxes.

Web server

For both Internet presence and intranet. Apache is an open source web server that has more presence on the web than all the other web servers combined. Apache made 62% of the world web servers according to NetCraft ( Apache coupled with PHP and MySQL make an excellent web-platform for small businesses.

Centralized resource information and authentication

Organization's resource information can be centralized (and de-centralized for that matter) using the standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). OpenLdap, GNU/Linux's free implementation of LDAP, can hold all people and asset repository information, such as global address book. System authentication is also done through OpenLdap. Kerborus is also supported. GNU/Linux can act as Windows Domain Controller.

Content / Information Management

Content management systems such as Zope, Java-based (RedHat), and PhpNuke, with support for information indexing and search, version control, permissions for data access and publishing, and personalization.


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