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GNU/Linux The Client Side

Desktop publishing: Scribus.

Financial accounting: gnucash.

Instant Messaging clients: GAIM and Kopete. Supporting most of the known IM services.

Multimedia: xine and xmms. Supporting most of the known audio / video formats.

Software Development

GNU/Linux represents a versatile ground for software developers, supporting most of the known programming languages.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Kdevelope, Anjuta, and Quanta Plus.

Languages: Python, Perl, C/C++, and Java.

Database: Postgres, MySql.

Desktop Environment

Rich and contemporary-looking desktop environments: KDE, GNOME, and Window Managers.

Education Software

Mathematics, science and chemistry.

Computer-based Examination.

Asset management (inventory and Library).

Student information management.

free as in freedom


Why GNU/Linux

The Server Side

The Client Side

Facts and History

GNU/Linux offers contemporary, feature-rich desktop experience. GNU/Linux offers a powerful, and reliable specialized working environment through the support of kiosk.

Alien Operating Systems Compatibility

GNU/Linux is fully compatible with most known operating systems, including Windows (9x, 2K, NT, and XP) and Machintosh. Compatibility is available on the Data-format, networking, and Internet/intranet services.


GNU/Linux provides feature-rich and reliable desktop productivity software. All standard, and most of the proprietary, file formats are supported for data exchange.

Email / web-browsing: Konqueror, Kmail, and Mozilla. Supporting Realplayer, flash, and acrobat PDF.

Office suite: Open Office (Excellent support for all MS Word file formats) and Koffice.

Image retouching: GIMP.

Vector graphics: Sodipodi.


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