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Issue No. 1
Tuesday. August 19, 2003
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Welcome to the first issue of freesoft's news bulletin. This is a bi-monthly bulletin, issued by freesoft at the beginning of every other month.

The main objective of this bulletin is to keep you up-to-date with the latest advancements, offerings and news related to freesoft, and Open Source technologies.

GNU/Linux platform and Open Source represents a new disruptive technology in the software industry. It by passed the hype and is gaining grounds day after day.

Whether you are a decision maker, an IT manager or an IT expert, this new platform has a lot to offer to you : the richness of the features and software, Low Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO), the freedom of copying and replicating, the flexibility of integrating and extending, and the reliability of running your system.

Its is our strategy to become your right arm when it comes to deploying, consulting, developing and experimenting with GNU/Linux and Open Source.

This first issue of our bulletin focuses on introducing you to GNU/Linux in the enterprise, and what deal does freesoft have with it.

We are looking forward to your input or inquiries.

Best regards,
Kefah T. Issa
>/. freesoft. "free as in freedom."

  pointer Introduction

freesoft is proud to announce the availability of its specialized engineering services on GNU/Linux platform and Open Source technologies.

Open Source has reached the level of maturity to become a powerful and viable alternative in the enterprise. This is being realized more and more by decision makers and IT managers.

It is a matter of time before GNU/Linux platform penetrates the Arab-world's computing infrastructure as it did to Europe and the United States.

As Open Source Software is achieving this success, enterprises are looking for deep experience and know-how to benefit the advantage.

freesoft was established to satisfy this need; offering only the best-quality engineering consultation services that would truly cover the enterprise needs.

We are the first company in the region who exclusively specializes in GNU/Linux-based solutions and services.

freesoft's people are highly-qualified engineers who worked as senior IT personnel with major organizations such as Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, Thomson Financial, and Mobilecom among many others.

We have provided our engineering consultation services to reputable clients such as Estarta Solutions, Althuraya Digital Technologies, and, to name a few.

freesoft is also pleased to announce the immediate availability of its flagship product suite, freeENTERPRISE. freeENTERPRISE comprises a set of solutions, targeted at small to medium-sized enterprises. freeENTERPRISE is made of the finest open source software that is integrated and intensively tested.



A Word From Our Clients



Estarta Solutions

"freesoft has shown that their depth of experience, excellence of execution, and commitment are EXCELLENT. We will definitely keep relying on them as A robust technology partner. I rest assure when a task is handed to freesoft."

Ennis Rimawi, CEO



Al-Thuraya Digital Technologies

"I have seen freesoft in action, and I must say that those people really know what they are doing. They have excellent level of quality, and a great command of technology.

freesoft has helped us in realizing proofs of concepts that are differentiator to our technology direction."

Mohammad Awad, CEO

"freesoft helped us overcome our greatest technology challenges. As they convinced us to establish our Web application and portal on GNU/Linux platform, they saved us thousands of dollars of licensing fees. Moreover, with freesoft's deepest technology experience, GNU/Linux platform shined. We leveraged this platform as both a development and production environment.

Our Web application requires critical and complex financial logic, robust and transactional database backend, and secure and reliable software. Open Source technologies, such as PostgreSQL database, Apache Web server, and PHP Web language has proved a record in those aspects. We will continue relying on freesoft as we are confident they are up to it."

Smarts Way, General Manager



Next Generation Technologies

"I will not be surprised if I see a company like freesoft becoming a major GNU/Linux services provider in the Middle East soon. They got what it takes and they take it personal. Representing a unique and outstanding way of providing high-quality services."

Mohammed Kilani, Operations Director


freesoft provides consultation services such as deployment of OSS software, development and/or customization of Open Source software, specialized
training on Open Source Software and GNU/Linux.

Our skill-set spans Project Management, Technical Leadership, System Architecture, Processes, Software development, Software deployment and
configuration, Security Proofing, Testing and quality assurance.


freesoft integrates finest and best quality Open Source Software with in-depth knowledge and experience.

We go from tuning and recompiling the Linux kernel to integrating system services with LDAP. By this, we create an advanced mix of System Administration and Software Development experience. Deeply understand our client's needs. Give our clients caliber support, by not letting things go. Always make sure that a problem is resolved and resolved right, even if this involves getting into the source code, fixing or extending a feature, compiling and deploying back.

This is how we built and continue to maintain freeENTERPRISE, a one-to-one match of the leading enterprise solutions in the market.

freeENTERPRISE features the following components:

Domain Controller and File server with web enabled administration.
freeSERVER is a comprehensive server solution for your enterprise, acting as your Primary Domain Controller, File and Print server. Windows-based workstations would think they are dealing with a native windows domain controller.

Email, and Instant Messaging server.
freeEXCHANGE offers a standards-compliant and a feature-rich e-mail solution, offering Web, IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 access using strong security. freeEXCHANGE also relies on Directory service to maintain the user information, allowing for global address-book and information management.

Internet Access Gateway with high security and Quality of Services (QoS).
freeGATEWAY provides an all-in-one Internet gateway, offering security and protection, zero-client configuration, and Quality of Service among other features. Windows-based workstations are fully supported.

Desktop environment suitable for the enterprise, offering Office Suite, Web and Internet software.
freeDESKTOP brings you up to the edge of GNU/Linux on the desktop, with a polished interface, and a full support to all known document and multimedia formats.