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Interviewed by Middle East Newspaper (Asharq Al-Awsat), Mr. Kefah Issa, the founder of freesoft, discusses the concepts behind Open Source Software, the GNU/Linux society, and the establishment of freesoft. This intellectual interview focuses on how Linux opens wide horizons for a new future. This interview can be found HERE.
Issuing first arabic white paper on GNU/Linux in the Enterprise, Mr. Kefah Issa has kindly contributed with this white paper that covers the assessment of Linux in the enterprise, touching on the Philosophy, strategy, technical characterstics, and many other things. This document is mainly targeted at decsion-makers and senior IT managers to help them have a clear view on Open Source Software. On the other hand, it is of generic value to everyone as well. Please find here: "freesoft's Arabic White Paper".



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freesoft is a professional software-solutions provider that distinguishes itself by solid experience and world-class quality. Our ultimate goal is helping our clients succeed, providing them a safe ride in today's bumpy software services road.

freesoft is a premier software-solutions provider in the Arab world, providing consultation, customization, development, deployment, support, and training . We specialize in open source / Free software and GNU/Linux based systems, maximizing our value proposition by providing services on top of a free, and powerful software.

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